Old School Electrology Vol. I (Various Artists) | [EAR001]

Cover of 'Old School Electrology Vol I'

Cover of ‘Old School Electrology Vol I’

Finally every old school fan’s dream come true: classic electro acts and mega-talented neo-old school bands have joined forces to deliver over 5 hours of STELLAR old school pleasure! After the success of Grandchaos In Sedens EP DCD, Electro Aggression Records (EAR)/Cop International proudly presents Old School Electrology Volume I, a relentless shock & awe electro assault featuring 64 all exclusive tracks, 4 revamped demo tunes never before released on CD, and 13 exclusive remixes by la crème de le crème of the old school scene.





Old School Electrology Vol I

CD1 Old School EBM

Agrezzior Statue of Liberty 3:54
Astma Honor and Glory 3:00
Darkmen Take It Back 3:35
DRP Electro Pussy 4:35
EkoBrottsMyndigheten Get Your Fists Up * 3:40
Ionic Vision Hate 3:58
K-bereit Blackened 3:59
Lescure 13 Destruktor (Pouppée Fabrikk cover) ** 3:51
MachineSoldier Body Anonymous 4:26
Oldschool Union Perkele 3:17
Ondska Storm 4:02
Orange Sector Noise (Head Mix) * 4:15
Pact of Warsaw Domination 4:08
PP? Repression (Dental Exilanation Remix) * 5:47
Presto Fervant Bullseye 3:25
Serpents Komm Naeher * 4:30
Spark! Modern Slaves 3:34
Synaptic Defect Electrofreak 3:49
T.A.N.K. Game of Men 4:20
UGH…! Rage Against Trancewhackedgoregalore 3:38

CD2 Authentic Dark Elektro

Terminal State Black Salt 5:02
IC 434 Skullwatch (Primal Beats) * 4:36
Brain Leisure Self Reality 4:25
Amnistia Pretended 5:35
Morgue Mechanism Simulation 4:31
Second Disease Ecstatic 4:19
Necrotek Revenant 3:54
Severe Illusion My Car Is Burning In Hell 3:43
Nordschlacht The Collective * 5:07
Pro Patria H2S04 3:13
Red+Test Holy War 5:28
Object Humiliating Procedures 4:38
tEaR!doWn Tempting Harlots 4:43
Seven Trees Present Decay ** 3:19
Putrefy Factor 7 Confrontation 4:27
God Experiment Shiver 5:46
Trial Brothers In Arms- Old School Mission * 3:30
Morticians Art of Pain * 3:34

CD3 Assemblage: Authentic Dark Elektro & Old School EBM

To Avoid Payback 4:20
Breathe Im Raum Der Zeit 4:15
Disharmony Access Points 4:07
deltaE (Mortal Constraint) Acceleration 6:20
MC1R Neuropathy 5:54
kAlte fArben Retrospective 4:11
The Holocaust Humanity Alive 3:46
Jihad Seven Skies 7:03
yelworC Teufels Dreizack Part 1 5:02
Splatter Squall The Summoning 6:00
One Eye Wanders Misdiagnosis 4:34
Instans Robot 4:32
Collapsed System Stay Tough 4:55
Autodafeh Dog Tag 3:24
A.D.A.C. 8286 Störtebecker 2:10
Neukampf Duell Duet 2:20
NTRSN The Coming Ends 3:38
Tech Nomader Nomad * 2:48

CD4 Amalgamation: Old School EBM & Authentic Dark Elektro

Armageddon Dildos Out of Control 3:56
Digital Factor Electric Body 4:33
Guerrilla Walk Away 4:02
Sleepwalk Final Curtain 4:14
The Blister Exists For The Squad 4:33
Injector Scream 4:33
Haujobb Letting The Demons Sleep * 4:40
Venetian Blind Instead of Tears 5:33
Total Harmonic Distortion Reversions/Mutations 4:19
Elite! So Wie Wir 3:39
Kraft Meine Liebe 3:00
Stin Scatzor Noise in My Stomach ** 2:54
Frontal Zeig Mir * 3:38
tri-state avatar (king klang KHAOS) 5:02
amGod Deathrider 4:47
U.M.M.Cocktail Molotov 3:19
Kraftakt Ich Bin Nicht Da 3:00
Defecto Nagrobek Ich War Ein Knabe 3:17
BodyFarm EBM Macht Stark 3:00
Page 12 Season’s End 3:51

Virtual Diamonds

Parade Ground & P. Codenys Marble Mind * 3:50
Container 90 Bla Bla Bla ** 3:55
Kälteidiotie Old School Addicts 3:08
Mekanik Disorder Am I Falling? 4:38
Void Kampf Karmeliet (Uno Mix By Collapsed System) * 4:45

All exclusive tracks except:

*exclusive remix

** revamped demo tune never released on cd

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