December 5th, 2013

Watch the Tri-State - sHAdes of dead-whiTE video now:

W also have some tracks streaming at the EAR and Tri-State Bandcamps

November 29th, 2013

EAR is proud to present to you the new album from Tri-State:

[click to stream at SoundCloud]
English version:

Tri-State “light the kHAOS within” digipak CD 

In 2001, German dark electro act Tri-state unleashed their much-praised debut album “sYNOPSIS” and ZILLO music magazine didn’t hesitate to call them the legitimate successors of Placebo Effect and yelworC . Thereafter, the band put on a good show at the 11th Wave Gothic Treffen music festival in Leipzig in front of a packed audience and many critics predicted a bright future for them. Despite their relative success, aDAM, kREBL and aRLETT have gradually ceased their activities and called it quits in late 2002.

Now, over a decade later, tri-state are on the verge of staging a remarkable comeback with a slightly-reshuffled line up including the mega-talented new member hALDOR. In late 2011, they showed signs of life in the stunning “avatar (kling klang KHAOS) featured on what many consider to be the old school electro-industrial bible, “Old School Electrology Vol.I” 4-cd box-set (EAR 001).  A year later, the band occupied the 6th place in SONIC SEDUCERs “Battle of the Bands 2012” contest and fans became increasingly antsy about Tri-state’s much-anticipated sophomore album. 

Five years in the making, “light the kHAOS within” takes Tri-state’s signature symphonic dark electro to unprecedented heights. It brings together the best elements of multi-layered dark electro and symphonic melody. Tracks like Stonehenge, Shades of Dead White, Worm of Insanity and Belle Epoque take you on an amazing complex dark electro journey that will leave you speechless. Immerse yourself in 78 mins:40 secs of STELLAR old school electronic pleasure!

German version:

tri-state "light the kHAOS within" DigiPak CD

Es war das Jahr 2001, als die deutsche Dark Electro Band „tri-state“ das bereits im Vorfeld hochgepriesene Debüt Album „sYNOPSIS“ in die Musikwelt entließ - und das ZILLO Magazin sich nicht scheute, das Album als „konsequente Weiterführung der Erfolgskonzepte von Placebo Effect und yelworC“ zu bezeichnen. Auf dem 11. Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig überzeugte die Band vor einer restlos gefüllten Halle A im Werk II und viele Kritiken prophezeiten tri-state eine glänzende Zukunft. Trotz all dieser Erfolge wurde es im Folgenden still um aDAM, kREBL und aRLETT und gegen Ende des Jahres 2002 endete diese erste Phase der Band.

Jetzt, über ein Jahrzehnt später, stehen tri-state am Beginn eines bemerkenswerten Comebacks mit einer dezent veränderten Aufstellung um das neue Bandmitglied hALDOR, der den ohnehin anspruchsvollen Stil von tri-state durch neue Ideen und Denkweisen musikalisch komplettierte. Ende 2011 gab es ein erstes akustisches Lebenszeichen der Band durch den fantastischen Song „avataR (kling klang kHAOS)“ - als Beitrag vorhanden auf dem (von vielen als Old School Electro-Industrial Bibel bezeichneten) „Old School Electrology Vol. 1“ 4 CD Box Set (EAR 001). Ein Jahr später erreichte die Band den 6. Platz beim „Sonic Seducer: Battle of the Bands 2012“ Wettbewerb und man konnte die ungeduldige Vorfreude der Fans auf das so lange schon erwartete zweite Album immer deutlicher spüren.

Das neue Album „light the kHAOS within“ führt nach fünf Jahren intensiver Produktionszeit die tri-state Signatur SYMPHONIC DARK ELECTRONIX zu beispielloser Güte: Es verbindet die besten Elemente von klassischem Dark Electro im Fundament mit epischen Melodiebögen und Orchesterelementen. Titel wie „stonehEnGE (rE-consecrated)“, „sHADES oF dead-whiTE“, „woRM of insanITY (criticALLy woundED)“ und “belle ÉpoQUE” führen Dich auf eine klangliche Reise, die Dich sprachlos machen wird - 78 Minuten und 48 Sekunden herausragender Old School Electronic Genuß! 

01 rE-spawned
02 stonehEnGE (rE-consecrated)
03 maTRIcide
04 woRM oF insanITY (criticALLy woundED)
05 tERROR infernaliS
06 ranDOM FAILures PreferRED
07 belle ÉpoQUE
08 geneLAW
09 sHAdes of dead-whiTE
10 the gHOST WAR
11 apoCALyPsE oF faitH
12 causes oF DEaTH
13 b.É. (chansoniA vs. tHE mYTH of the GREY manKIND)
14 the kHAOS within
15 payBAKK

EAR exclusive digipak CD [Pre-Order: release date 12/13/13]
15 Euros for EU customers (S&H included)

18 Euros for ROW (S&H included)

February 16th, 2013
At long last, EAR is proud to announce the release of:

Terminal State "Illegal Space Activity" 2CD (EAR 003)                                            
16 Euros includes S&H to Europe

18 Euros includes S&H to rest of world

Pyrroline "Ruins Outlast" CD (EAR 004) 
14 Euros includes S&H to Europe

16 Euros includes S&H to rest of world

tEaR!doWn "Clouds Cover The Sun" 2CD (EAR 005)                          
16 Euros includes S&H to Europe

18 Euros includes S&H to rest of world

Package deal 1:EAR 003 + EAR 004                           
28 Euros includes S&H to Europe

30 Euros includes S&H to rest of world

Package deal 2: EAR 003 + EAR 004 + EAR 005                           
42 Euros includes S&H to Europe

45 Euros includes S&H to rest of world

All discs are in stock & ready to ship

February 12th, 2013

Consider this your warning for a full-on EAR assault this year! We are very excited to finally announce EARMT2/HRS. The second mixtape that showcases EAR artist and friends.

Pyrroline - Decision
To Avoid - Feel It [radio edit]
tEaR!doWn - Sign from Above [EAR mixtape Version]
Red+Test - Before the End of Days
One Eye Wanders Orchid Hunter
Object - Urban Claustrophobia [original instrumental version]
INSTANS - Carry My Name
B.A.M.N. - apart [edit]
Terminal State - The End
Astma - Dead End [remix 2012]
DRP - Fuck Off
tEaR!doWn - Nerve Conflict [Illness mix by Mc1r]
Severe Illusion - Lobotomobile [early version]
One Eye Wanders - Nervesending [edit]
To Avoid - Last Resort Suicide [RMX by Maschinensturm]
Red+Test - Unforgiving Landscapes

stream via SoundCloud
download from BandCamp soon

Order the special package deal here: 

July 30th, 2012

Have some very exciting news. We have not been sitting idle, we have been plotting and planning more releases. Just to whet your appetite in the meantime, we give to you: EAR MIXTAPE VOL I

Now available at the EAR BandCamp


EAR MIXTAPE tracklist


May 20th, 2012

Getting caught up on the website here with the whirlwind that was the Object - Mechanisms of Faith release. We have posted a multitude of reviews, and some interviews on the V page above. Also there was an official EAR Bandcamp launched for digital media purposes. 
This is the only official source for EAR digital media. Not only can you choose from multiple digital formats [including lossless FLAC] The MoF album comes with a PDF booklet that matches the physical version. You cannot get that kind of thing with other digital services. In the future we will also be adding other extras. We know you demand high quality from EAR and we aim to present each release thusly.

Thank you for the support!

February 16th, 2012

The highly-anticipated Object "Mechanisms of Faith" DCD is out now! Get your (SIGNED) copy 2 weeks before the official release date. 

January 12th, 2012

Nearly four years after the release of the critically acclaimed album "The Ethane Asylum," Object returns with a mind-boggling multi-layered dark elektro masterpiece titled "Mechanisms of Faith." The new album takes you on a sonic stroll down memory lane to relive the glorious days of electro-industrial music. Andreas Malik’s complex sound arrangements are skillfully executed and eloquently put together. Expect nothing less than pristine performance from this gifted musician.

“Mechanisms of Faith” is proudly accompanied by a meticulously-assembled remix disc fittingly called "Old School Conspiracy." It features a mouth-watering line up of veteran artists, namely Robotiko Rejekto, amGod, Second Disease, Sleepwalk, Abscess, Controlled Fusion, Brain Leisure, Jihad along with the mega-talented neo-old school acts Red+Test, Pyrroline and One Eye Wanders. Immerse yourself in 155 minutes of VINTAGE dark elektro pleasure!

 includes shipping


CD1 “Mechanisms of Faith”

01. Mescaline Crisis (Feat. Fix 8:Sed8)
02. Neural Explosions
03. The Mechanisms of Faith
04. Dream Collector
05. State of Reality
06. Blind Obedience
07. Under Zero Halo
08. Distant Memories 
09. Soul Seeking (Feat. LPF12)
10. Morphine Desire 
11. For Eternity 
12. Density of Fear 
13. Urban Claustrophobia 
14. Empires in Peril (Album version) 
15. Each Slow Turn

CD2 “Old School Conspiracy”

 01. Blood Patch (Robotiko Rejekto remix)
02 .Blood Patch Part 2 (Controlled Fusion remix)
03. Density of Fear (Brain Leisure remix)
04. Mescaline Crisis (Sleepwalk Burnout mix)
05. Mescaline Crisis (Acoasm by Second Disease)
06. Blood Patch (Alternative instrumental version 2001)
07. Morphine Desire (Analgetic tb-mix by amGod)
08. Mescaline Crisis (Red+Test remix)
09. Morphine desire (Reform) by One Eye Wanders
10. Existence on Trial Abscess(ed) by Abscess
11. Morphine Desire (Jihad remix)
12. Existence on Trial (Pyrroline remix)
13. Static Motion (Unreleased demo)
14. End of Line (Unreleased demo)

November 24th, 2011
The reviews are coming in now! This BEAST BOX is a massive hit! We will post them on the website soon in a new section. Until then, feast your eyes on the brilliant packaging! The perfect holiday gift for you rivitheads and machinists.
October 2nd, 2011
Dear friends/valued customers,

I'm glad to inform you that "Old School Electrology" 4-cd box-set is FINALLY coming out on October 10th. My valued Cop International colleague Breda Massmann (A&R Manager at Spiralchords) will send out copies to customers, bands & select ezines/print magazines shortly afterwards. Thank you all again for your unwavering support, touching words of encouragement & commendable patience. This mammoth project wouldn't have been possible without you!

The huge delay has enabled me to fully concretize my vision for Old School Electrology. I can say with absolute certainty that the box-set will surpass all of your expectations. Simply put, it's a dream old school fan's box executed with top-notch precision and a high standard of quality. The official release date (via Alive AG) is October 28th, 2011.

Yours truly,
Nader Moumneh
October 1st, 2011
Dear EAR friends/valued customers,

Many of you are wondering WHEN the highly-anticipated Object “Mechanisms of Faith” DCD is coming out. It has been a long, agonizingly slow process, but we’ve assembled an AMAZING line up of old school electro acts for the bonus disc, rightfully titled “Old School Conspiracy.” The 15-track disc will feature the following remixes:

Completed remixes
amGod "Morphine Desire"
Sleepwalk "Mescaline Crisis"
Brain Leisure "Density of Fear"
Robotiko Rejekto "Blood Patch"
One Eye Wanders "Morphine Desire"
"Blood Patch Part II" Controlled Fusion vs. Object
Red+Test "Mescaline Crisis"
Jihad "Morphine Desire"
Object "Blood Patch" (Electromalicious remix)

+ Remixes in the works
Aircrash Bureau "Existence on Trial"
The Laughing Dolls "Mescaline Crisis"
& Last but not least, 5 unreleased Object jewels!

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